Wlaker Land Company

A Real Estate Investor in California

Our Story

Walker Land Company was created in 2006 with the main purpose to invest in Real Estate. We specialize mainly in residential properties located in various California areas, such as Nevada, El Dorado, Sacramento, Placer and Riverside Counties. We pay close attention to properties that have been foreclosed on by the banks.

Many of these properties are distressed from being neglected for a period of time and need some minor to major renovation. Not only do we clean up the property thus helping maintain the property values for the neighborhood but we also update the home to make it attractive to potential buyers. Making the home nice for the next home owner is important to us and we take the steps necessary to do it right.

In addition to Real Estate purchasing we also have rental properties that we maintain and manage. We provide a nice updated rental property that many times are rented below market rental value so that we may help our struggling communities.
We have been very successful in helping home owners stay in their homes after foreclosure and sometimes allowing a buy back situation. This not only helps the individual owners stay in their home but also gives them a helping hand to improving their credit and maintaining their current life style.

As a Real Estate Investor we have invested in well over 600 residential properties here in California.

Core Values

We believe in doing business the right way. To us, that means honesty, integrity, morally and fairly. We believe in providing excellent customer service through timeliness and communication.


Walker Land Company is in the business of serving people.

Chris Baldivid

Chris Baldivid

Managing Directer

Mr Baldivid is founder and managing director of Walker Land Company. During that time Mr. Baldivid has managed and been a personal investor on over 400 single family and commercial units. Before founding Walker Land Company, Mr baldivid previously worked as Developer at Qualcomm INC in San Diego. He currently sits on the Board of ForkClub.com and Chiriaco Summit INC.